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More Resources!

Other websites offer great timeshare resources. Some free, some for a fee.

For Everyone Free Seller Services $$$ Seller Services
Timeshare Shopping Buyer Services Other

For Everyone:
Timeshare Users Group (aka TUG) - This website is a must any who is in or who is getting in the timeshare game. Membership fee is $15 for the first year and $10/year after that. Get access to the timeshare reviews databases, resale databases, and all of the other great information they have to offer. First time membership fee includes a free ad ($10 value). My experience has been that my TUG ads generate the most responses of any ad service. - If you haven't already been here, this is another Timeshare MEGA site. It has an overwhelming abundance of free information and free timeshare ads as well.

Interval International - One of the two primary exchange companies provides an on-line resort directory.

RCI - The other primary exchange company also provides an online reort directory

Triwest-Timeshare - This website features a timeshare "bluebook" for reference and allows viewing of MLS listings. Also contains timeshare advice.

Free Seller Services:
These sites all provide ways to advertise or sell your timeshares with no up-front fees. Be sure to check the fine print before placing an ad! Some places require exclusive listings or expect a commission if a sale happens as a result of using their site. Be sure to check out our scams and alerts page: You will probably be contacted by a company claiming to want to buy your timeshare after posting ads on these sites.

$$$ Seller Services:
These are the websites of timeshare realtors, brokers, and advertising agencies. These businesses all charge up front fees or other requirements for their services. Some will claim to list your timeshare for free, but if you want the ad on the Internet, there is an Internet fee. Make sure you understand what you are getting for the money you are paying. Also, try to negotiate! If their initial fee is $500, it is possible to get the fees down to $200 or lower! Keep in mind, these people are professional salesman. They will convince you of their ways VERY easily. If you have an update to any of this information, please email us!

Timeshare Shopping:
When looking for a timeshare, you'll want to check as many for sale sites as possible for the biggest possible selection and for some comparison shopping. The sites that offer free ads usually have the biggest selection are ones mentioned above in the free sellers resources section. Some pay sites such as A1 Vacation and TimesharesByOwner above also have huge selections. Take your time, shop around and you are sure to find the best deals! Do NOT be in a hurry to buy a timeshare.

Buyer Services:
There are many services that are available to help you buy your timeshare, including financing, title companies, and legal services.

Other Services:
Free Timeshare Ads

Suggest a Resource:
If you know of a valuable timeshare resources that you would think should be added to this page, send us an email:

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